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Screenshot of MixPerfect player
Screenshot of MixPerfect player

MixPerfect is a free and unique semi-automatic DJ player for Windows and Linux.

It's developed by Martin Verlaan, a Dutch DJ and software developer. His original idea was to create a program that could mix a tracklist in different orders, but it evolved into this project, which can automatically mix an entire music collection together.

Martin designed MixPerfect primarily for his own use but is sharing it because he believes more people can enjoy his software.

Set and forget

In this AI era, you might expect a full automatic mix system. But that is not the case with MixPerfect, and that might be a good thing, because do you know AI DJ-software that can mix songs together at the right points?

Screenshot of editing a song
Screenshot of editing a song

MixPerfect uses a database with manually set markers. This ensures that songs are mixed at the right points and it gives you even the option to add loops and play songs in shortened format.

Because MixPerfect need some preparation to set the right mix points, the software is not for everybody. However you can expand the database at your leisure and as soon as there are enough songs in it, you can you can sit back and enjoy unique mixes time after time!

Smooth and harmonious transitions!

The software is equiped with:

Watch the demo video's to see MixPerfect in action and hear how good the generated mixes sound!

High diversity in BPM

MixPerfect can increase, decrease or randomly adjust the speed of the mix without affecting the pitch too much.

The trick is that if a song being mixed has about the same speed as the current playing speed, it will continue at the original speed after mixing.

This way MixPerfect can play songs with varying BPM with minimal change in the original speed of the songs.

Screenshot of playlist that goes from 127 BPM to 142 BPM. Many songs plays at original speed.
Screenshot of playlist that goes from 127 BPM to 142 BPM. Many songs plays at original speed.

Random and custom playlists

Create random playlists with one mouse click or create custom playlists by selecting matching songs from a picklist.

creating a custom playlist
Screenshot of creating a custom playlist

Playlists can contain up to 999 songs and can be based on prefered settings, like:

Screenshot of preferences
Screenshot of preferences

Moreover, there are options to save your playlists or export them to mp3-files, enabling you to listen again or sharing mixes with friends.

Music library

Fill the music library with your audio files and add the songs that you like to the database.

Screenshot of the music library
Screenshot of the music library

The music library shows the BPM of each song. This is especially usefull if you have few songs in the database. By first adding audio files of one BPM value, and then adding audio files of a subsequent BPM value, there are no major differences in bpm and the player can be used immediately.

Built-in documentation

Of course the software has a help option, so you can learn how to use MixPerfect at the best way.

Screenshot of the built-in documentation
Screenshot of the built-in documentation

Demo video's

Demonstration video of creating and playing a custom made mix:

Demonstration video of creating and playing a random mix:

Demonstration video of adding a song to the database:

Download MixPerfect

Once downloaded, simply install MixPerfect by extracting the zip-file into a desired folder.


Found a bug? Do you have suggestions, questions or do you need support? Feel free to send an email to contact and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.